Why digital strategy?

If you fail to get on the digital train, your company will disappear from the market over the next 15 years, or its role will remain marginal. BJ Strategy will help you board that train and exist in the internet effectively. We create strategies that change businesses for the better.


Do you want to projects in Poland become the inspirations and best practises for the whole region? Don’t you know how to achieve better results than other countries on a limited budget? We can transfer the global foundations to effective local strategies.

Venture Capital

Are you looking for an independent digital strategist who will support you in the effective management of your portfolio companies? Our experience will be a valuable contribution along the many stages in the investment process: the company acquisition, the strategy for building growth, and the sale of the company.

Company owners

Do you know how to take your business online? Can you make money from the internet? We will help you grow your business, improve profitability, increase market share, and finally make your company more digital. Now is the right time to define game-changing strategies.


Do you need a digital strategy tailored to your possibilities? We will provide you with regulations that are ready and easy to implement. Our goal is to trigger your start-up and set the stage for its dynamic growth.