“ Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. ”

Sun Tzu


We offer comprehensive consulting services in the field of digital.

We provide strategies, solutions, ideas and research that address the business needs of our clients. We quickly identify all the issues necessary for successful changes. Below, you can find the main areas of cooperation. We would be very happy to prepare an offer tailored to your objectives and targets.


If you require a holistic approach

A digital strategy is a road map of how you want to change your business over time. BrainJuice Strategy helps you to rethink your existing approach and provides transformational expertise tailored to your needs and challenges. We benefit by opening up new market opportunities and reshaping your various processes: sales, marketing and communications.

  • Analysis of the existing situation
  • Challenges and key assumptions of business
  • KPI
  • Review and assessment of available resources
  • Budget optimisation
  • Action plan and schedule

A new business model

If you want to jump into the deep end

There is little use in transferring old tools and strategies to the digital world. This simply does not work. With expertise, business practice and deep understanding of current technology possibilities, we transform processes via marketing, sales and advertising – transforming offline players into digital ones. We help enterprises accomplish their goals smoothly and effectively. At BJ Strategy we build real value for your business.

  • Analysing the potential company or product development through capturing all the opportunities the internet can bring
  • Building a digital brand strategy
  • Reviewing and evaluating e-assets (websites, e-commerce, CRM systems, applications, social media)
  • Introducing the traditional players into e-commerce

Growth & Optimisation

If you want to streamline processes

Growth – there is no doubt that this is a key goal of every business. Global companies turn to us to find fresh and effective ways to grow their revenues and make better use of the digital efforts they are making. Smaller companies are usually at the beginning of their digital experience. If you are wondering how to maximise your profits and business value – you have come to the right place. We will apply our business know-how and strategic approach to identify where best to spend your budget to deliver results that align with your goals.

  • Digital strategy
  • Redefining a target group
  • Integrating offline activities with online
  • Defining the assumptions for the growth of e-commerce platforms
  • Digital budget optimisation
  • ROI – analysis and improvements in the field of digital activities


If you need a “sounding board”

Implementing innovation requires special skills and knowledge. As experienced strategists, we train CEOs to be able to use digital opportunities effectively. We love to participate in strategic workshops and board meetings, where we are “sounding board” for ideas, theses and plans. Speak to us if you need personalised training, or mentoring programmes tailored to the needs of your leaders or teams.

  • Board meetings
  • Mentoring for CEOs
  • Strategic workshops for senior executives
  • Coaching programmes
  • Round Table
  • Personal branding

Membership on supervisory boards

If you expect more control

We participate as an external partner at supervisory board meetings. We offer our opinion about your current digital activities and present the best practices. Our strategists advise you how to avoid mistakes and how to effectively spend your budget, taking into account your KPI. As independent experts, we are able to assess the board objectively, and to evaluate your company from a broader perspective.

  • Assessing the company’s strategic plans
  • Supervising digital activities
  • Assessing plans and budgets for marketing and sales
  • Challenging the board
  • Transferring knowledge
  • Presenting best practices
  • Strategic alliances

Audits & Measurement

If you require analysis and evaluation

Using analytical and research facilities as well as advanced technological tools, BJ Strategy provides clients with audit services that benchmark and evaluate their online activity. Then we use the results of our evaluation to offer our strategic recommendations on bringing your efforts back on track. We will show you how to use data collected on clients, the market and activities on a daily basis.

  • Evaluation of a brand’s digital presence
  • Competitive review and audit
  • Audit of current efforts
  • SEO & usability audit
  • Website audit
  • Online campaigns audit
  • Big data in business practice